My life vision

Hi Everybody! My name is Sairis, and I am writing this blog to tell you a little bit about my vision of life, and where I ended up. Oh, and the content is a bit hot doggy.

Knowing that hotdogs are a very controversial food, I am bold to admit that I have made a life of feeding them to people. Yes, I love hotdogs (I'm one of those). I like to try all different types of condiments on them, I've even tried grilling a dog with maple syrup once (it was delicious, believe it or not). 

I started my hotdog career serving them at baseball games in Boston. Boy, was that a fun time. It really sparked a passion in me. I loved yelling, “Docksons! Red Hots!” to see if anyone caught on to the fact I was talking about hot dogs. You see, the phrase “hotdog” comes from the words “Dockson” and “Red Hot,” which used to be two different names people would call them; now, they just combined the two into one word. If someone knew that I had hotdogs by me calling out, “Docksons!” I would be very impressed and congratulate them with a free hotdog :).

Once I was of age and financial stability, I moved to Playa Del Carmen, Mexico, to open up my own beachside hot dog stand. While I loved calling out, “Perro Callientes!!! Hecho con amor!” the reactions I received from the general public differed greatly from the folks at the baseball games. I would have many slim, vegan type tourists come up and lecture me; “do you even know what is in those? Ew, seriously? Aren't they made from pig lips and pig butts? How can you eat those?”

Well, this new controversy caused me to have to step up my game; I not only spiced things up a bit and added chorizo, but I also got the options of turkey dogs and... I even conformed to the local vegan hype and even started serving vegan hotdogs.Oh yes, and I also started selling popcorn as well! I was most definitely surprised by how popular the vegan dogs became, and I was happy to be able to accommodate to the Playa Del Carmen culture.

Making the move from Boston to Mexico certainly changed how I did my hotdog business, but I still get to yell out among people and make people smile; rather than at a baseball game, people are now enjoying their hotdogs on the beach in the sunshine.